01. Ao No Exorcist OP 1
02. Ao No Exorcist OP 2
03. Ao No Exorcist ED
04. Ano Natsu De Matteru (Sign)
05. Another (Kyoumu Densen)

Ohhhh I added a search bar to the blog wow


Uploaded some rebloggables, gonna start working on adding them to the masterlist and updating the request list woot woot


Alrighty so I got the FAQ page up!!!! WHOOP WHOOP Now you guys can all complain about how bad of a admin I am hahaha


Uh okay so I changed the theme once more. Gonna get the ask box back up soon. Thank you so much for your patience!!!

Hey everyone! I Redid the theme. I'm still making some changes/trying to get the blog back up and running.

zapatosdearena replied to your post: Alright got the playlist up, pls tell …

where did you get your playlist? it’s pretty neat

I got it from Zuvia. There are more if you want to look around here. Just scroll down to the music player section.

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Alright got the playlist up, pls tell me if it looks okay and if it even works.

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anime-utopia I did a quick search and I actually use the Tumblr Music Player from Wikplayer:

Oh uh well thank you very much for looking into it, but I don’t use those kind of players. They’re too clunky and unattractive. I’m using  Zuvia’s music player. I was just having trouble getting mp3 urls to add to it.
Thank you though for trying to help me, that was super nice of you.

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Does anyone have a good hotlinking site bc kiwi6 does not work for me :c

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amiandivh replied to your post: How would you guys feel about a music …

I think the general consensus is usually no auto play. Just maybe point it out and show the play button.

haha yeah I think so too. I’ll definitely make it pretty visible, and what not.

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I had music on my blog once but the format I used at the time made it invisible! Luckily, I don’t use autoplay but ended up removing it because I couldn’t find where it was being placed…

I’m guessing something was off with the html. Wrong placing or a mistake in the coding. Yeah I’ll leave auto play off, but I’m having a hard time find a site that lets you hotlink. I used to use kiwi6 but it never works for me anymore. 

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 @theleeryone replied to your post:How would you guys feel about a music player for…


Yeah I didn’t think so but I was thinking maybe if I set the default volume down, it wouldn’t bug anyone lol
Trust me I know that shit scares the dog crap out of me when someones auto play is blaring and making my ears bleed ahaha

How would you guys feel about a music player for the blog? It’d play a bunch of anime openings/endings. And tell me if it should be on auto play or not.

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Anonymous says: Do you have Mirai Nikki or Diabolik Lovers ?

Mirai Nikki is already in the request list, and I’ll add Diabolik lovers to it ^^
Thanks for requesting ~

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Please reblog if you’re in the No. 6 fandom.

do you ever wonder who else on Tumblr is into the same anime as you?
anime-utopia is a blog that wants to help you! By reblogging a fandom post, others will be able to know who else is in that fandom.

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